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Having started only mid December 2018 things have been growing exponentially for the G-cryptotargets family. Not only does our membership base grow daily but also our total % of profit has grown to more than 6600% in only 3 months time!

G-cryptotargets core team now consists out of 4 people with different skills and expertise.
First of all we have our two successful traders, Glen and Andy, who both are very skilled in crypto trading  and who are both obsessed with technical and fundamental analysis.

Glen and Andy have developed a deep knowledge of the crypto market during the last five years since they became active in crypto trading.

While both Glen and Andy were doing very well trading for themselves they decided to share their knowledge with others and help them grow financially.

G-cryptotargets was born!

At first they started with a small telegram group where they sharing their analysis and signals with their followers. Soon their channel started growing because of the great signals and successful calls.

Today G-cryptotargets is adding more followers and customers on a daily basis because people are recommending their services to their friends and relatives, not only because of the high successrate of our calls but also because of the personal coaching that we provide to our members.

Another big advantage is that both Glen and Andy live in different timezones so that G-cryptotargets is able to watch the market situation for you almost 24/7.

Because G-cryptotargets membership base keeps growing and Glen & Andy need to focus on the charts, two more people have been added to the team.

Erik has been added as marketeer and will be in charge of our Twitter and Instagram accounts which both have been neglected for a long time. Erik has years of experience in online marketing and will enahnce the online visibility of G-cryptotargets.

Last but not least we have added Dieter who is our chat admin. He’s also responsible for our free section and targets.

We want to be very transparent for our members, which is why we published a google document that contains the total amount of trades, successful or not, which can be viewed  at G-cryptotargets Accuracy & Trade History


Started trading Forex

Having graduated in Economics, Glen always had an interest in money and numbers. Because he was drawn into the financial world he decided to learn how to trade Forex so that all the indicators that fascinated him, such as candles, wicks, rsi, fibonacci etc wouldn’t have any secrets for him anymore.


Bought first Bitcoins

Interested in new technologies and emerging markets Glen bought his first bitcoins back in 2013.

2018 December

G-cryptotargets Premium channel was born

2019 March

78 Premium Members