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Bitmex Signals

At G-cryptotargets we use the Bitmex trading platform for our Technical Analysis and execution of our trades.

Binance Signals

Because Bitmex only allows trading with a few selected pairs, we sometimes use Binance to trade other altcoins so it is advised to also open a Binance account for trading.

Automated Bot Trading

Trading made easy. No need to follow any signals. Our trader places the orders in his master account and automatically these will be copied into your account. HANDS OFF trading!


Our team contains two succesfull traders with high skills of technical and fundamental analysis.The accuracy of our trades and the coaching that we provide to VIP family members is what makes us the best trading venture you can find!
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Our team constantly has an eye on the market. We are making signals not only based on technical analysis but on fundamental analysis as well. We are researching the market all day long and before we share some signal with you we make sure that the coin is ready to move.



We thoroughly inspect each signal and put it into circulation. We are using multiple indicators and making sure you get high profits, from every trade



You will receive everything from us on telegram. We believe that this platform is the best for what we do.